Theresa Dunn

Owner and founder of Serape Bleu

Serape Bleu came to life through Theresa Dunn’s love of fashion, shopping and most importantly Wickenburg. In 2013 she and her husband Bob bought a home here after instantly falling in love with the town and now make Wickenburg their full-time residence. 

Theresa is passionate about providing a quality shopping experience to Wickenburg residents and visitors while creating long lasting relationships, providing quality customer service, and offering a bold range of fashion and gift options.

When she is not at the store, Theresa is busy serving as a Trustee and co-chair of the New Building Committee for the Desert Caballeros Western Museum and enjoying time with her husband and their dogs.  When she’s at the store, her sidekick Angus is usually there to greet our customers and happily get some love in return.

Serape Bleu Theresa's mom
Serape Bleu Theresa's Dad


Theresa’s Mother



Theresa’s Father


Serape Bleu sweetness for your soul

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